At the end of West, a bunch of us stood outside the hotel singing some favorite songs, and we want to continue our singalong tradition — but bigger and better! Saturday night, we’re going to rock out together to our favorite tunes — Glee or otherwise — in the con space. (Just Another Girl, Love Song, Loser Like Me, etc are already on the list!) Dance if you want (jarrow sure will be), but come foremost for the camaraderie. We’ll have a slideshow of favorite Faberry and con pictures going on the big screen, too. We’re really excited about this new event!

Go to the link to request what YOU want to jam to with your con peeps. DJ KBS will get a list of what’s been submitted soon on the message board!

Scheduling and Programming for North!

Yep, that’s right — we’ve released the tentative schedule for North and information on some new programming! Exciting!

Go check it out on our website!

And if you haven’t registered yet for all the awesomeness, what are you waiting for? Do the thing!

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who has registered for FaberryCon North so far! We already have 34 great attendees set to go, and I know we’ll get a bunch more over the next few months. (It’s going to be our biggest con yet!) There are a lot of costs we have to pay up front to get square with the hotel and get the con rolling, so it really helps to have so many folks registered and paid so far in advance. Thank you!

I know many of you are concerned about roommates, so don’t forget about the message board, where you can go talk to folks and make arrangements! There’s plenty of time, though, so don’t panic! All will work out, we promise :-)


My goofy face talking about FaberryCon North and the Thursday walking tour.

Message Board!

As many of you are still waiting for the stars to align before you register for North, let me just take the opportunity to remind you about our con message board!

There are already people talking about needing roommates and coordinating travel together, so go get in on the conversation and help each other get to the con! It’s a great way to get to know the other folks attending beforehand, too.

Join the fun!

Registration for FaberryCon North is now open! Head to our website and check out updated information on North, full pricing details, and the registration form to attend! Hope to see you there! :-D


Hey, hey. Hi.

Registration opens tomorrow (March 1) for FaberryCon North, which means it’s the season to get people amped about the con. 

So… if you’ve been to FaberryCon, I’d like to know if you could fill out a little survey for us so that we can tell people, in the words of our own attendees, what it’s like to be part of FaberryCon.

Because without you, there is no con. Only Zuul.

Wait. That’s… something else.


MY PEOPLE! Do the thing! Your voice could be the one that makes a difference for someone on the fence about attending. You could be the person who changes their life forever. <3

Taking Those First Steps To BrittanaCon 2014


Hello everyone!!!  Just had an AMAZING 2 hour video chat with jarrow from FaberryCon and he is totally on board with helping me/us make BrittanaCon happen.  What would be better than having a sistercon to FaberryCon!  ALL THE FANDOM LOVE!  :-D

He was an amazing source of ideas and suggestions to help with logistics and planning and was super awesome about giving me information to learn from FaberryCon and how it grew into the awesome Con it is today.

I really think that we in the Brittana fandom can absolutely put together an amazing con where we can get together to celebrate Brittana but also come together as a community and just enjoy flailing amongst people who get it. :-)

There’s a lot to process to get things going and while it’s a daunting task, I am firmly committed to bringing the fandom a BrittanaCon 2014.  Please share and reblog this Tumblr and get the word out to see if we can get a true idea of interest.

In the coming weeks, as things start to come together, we’ll definitely be putting out posts to discuss locations and dates and put feelers out for what people might be interested in doing/seeing/participating in at the Con and we’ll need graphics people and AV people and website people and just all the awesome people to hopefully try and build a BrittanaCon staff.  :-)

But for right now, I’m going to let all the logistics stuff sit (because my brain is about to leak out of my ears LOL) and just be excited over this.  I hope you guys are excited as I am.  Let’s see if we can’t have our first annual BrittanaCon!!!

Reblogging for fandom awareness, as I’m super excited to help a new femslash con get off the ground! If you’re interested in our sister fandom, go follow their tumblr and help make BrittanaCon the best it can be!

It’s that magical time! GET EXCITED!!

FaberryCon “contest”


Much Like West I shall be running another ‘contest” of sorts and With registration Fast approaching I’ve decided once again that FaberryCon is so awesome that I want to help someone go. So if you wanted to go and say couldn’t afford the cost of the attending membership, I’m running a ‘contest” of sorts. Send me an ask on tumblr “MisterMag00”(that’s 2 zero’s) telling me why you want to go and what it would mean to you ect. I will donate the cost of an attending membership for that lucky someone. Disclaimer: This only covers the cost of the attending membership:D haven’t quite chose an ending date for this but I shall keep you all updated:)

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